Weekly introductions to new people in your community.

Gather your people, spark new connections, strengthen your community.

Create Your Group
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How does it work?

1. Invite new members

Share your group url, mygroup.meetsy.io, and you’ll be notified as an admin when people request to join.

2. Sign up for the week

Each Monday, members will get an email reminding them to sign up for the week and select times that work for them.

3. We’ll send intros

Members will get intros to their matches with a time to meet that works for both of them.

Curated 1:1 connections within your community

Facebook and Slack groups are great for announcements and group discussion, but they’re not designed to generate 1-on-1 connections. We believe the healthiest communities have strong ties amongst their members. Whatever the community is — NYU Freshman, UX Designers, Women in Politics, NPR Podcast Lovers, Gen Z Tech, etc. — Meetsy brings your people together.

Create Your Group
1, 2, 3

Choose times. Get introduced. Hop on a video chat.

In just a few steps your group members can start getting introduced to one another directly.

Meetsy meeting availability picker
Meeting introduction on Meetsy

Meetsy is currently in private beta. For updates, please add your email.