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Meetsy enables you to bring your community together through curated 1:1 connections. Members choose their weekly availability and Meetsy’s AI pairs them for 1:1 video meetings. Easy peasy.

How does it work?Create Group
Meetsy video chat introduction

How does it work?

1. Choose Meetings

Each Monday, you’ll get an email reminding you to sign up for the week and select times that work for you.

2. Get Introduced

You’ll get an intro to meet your match at a time that works for both of you using Meetsy video chat.

3. Repeat Weekly

Repeat weekly to form new connections, learn from others, and build your community.

1. Create Group

Add custom branding, membership questions, match rules, and more.

2. Share URL

Share your Meetsy url, groupname.meetsy.io, and start accepting members within your admin dashboard.

3. Track Impact

See your community strengthen as members come together, invite new people, and become more engaged.

Unlock your community’s potential

Facebook and Slack groups are great for announcements and group discussion, but they’re not designed to generate 1:1 connections. We believe that the key to highly engaged long-lasting communities is strong 1:1 relationships between members.

Whatever the community — NYC Tech, Innovative Educators, UX Designers, Women in Politics, Georgetown Alumni, TED Speakers, etc. — Meetsy brings your people together through curated 1:1 connections.

Create Group

You're in control.

Complete Customization

Customize your URL, logo, branding, and more.

Control Who Can Join

Create signup questions, screen potential members, add signup restrictions.

Create Match Rules

Want members to match based on their profile attributes? Easy peasy.

Guide The Conversation

Add conversation prompts or choose from our library of 200+ fun and thought provoking-questions.

Advanced Matching Algorithm

We understand what makes a connection meaningful — and so does our matching algorithm.

Encrypted Video Chat

Decentralized peer to peer video calling with state of the art compression and low latency.

For Members

Choose times. Get introduced. Start video chat.

For Admins

Claim your URL and launch your group in minutes.

For Admins

Claim your URL and launch your group in minutes.

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